No One Knows What Type Of Dog This Is – So Cute!

It is common for families and people when considering adopting a new canine member of the family to immediately want a puppy. Puppies are cute and fluffy and so much fun when they are little. Anyone who has has a dog knows that puppies are so cute because when they eat your favorite shoes it’s impossible to stay mad at them.

But this makes it hard for older dogs who are abandoned or dropped at shelters to find their forever homes. Older dogs or dogs with health or behavioral issues need a special kind of home and this can be hard to come by. It can be a big undertaking with vet bills and extra time required to take care of them.

Dogs with issues or problems have a even greater need to find a caring, loving home that will give them the chance they deserve.

Little Blossom was one such dog. Dropped at a shelter in Los Angeles, hairless, injured and scared to death, rescue workers had no idea how to care for her. Because they couldn’t afford to do the necessary expensive testing it would take to determine exactly what was wrong with her, she was placed on a type of hold.

The strangest part about Blossom is that she was completely bald. Unsure of her breed and they were unable to determine if she had mange, allergies or even possibly scabies. Without funding to move forward Blossom was a mystery and no one knew quite what to do.

Blossom sat for 7 days in the kennel waiting for someone, anyone to see her potential and give her a home.

Her prayers would be answered by a woman named Gretchen May. While online looking at dogs available for adoption Gretchen happened upon Blossom. She already had a full home but was looking for another pup to add to her family. Something about Blossom’s sweet face and shy demeanor spoke to Gretchen and she knew she needed to inquire about her.

Gretchen lived in San Diego so she contacted Precious Pals Pet Rescue and asked if they could pick Blossom up for her. Once they saw Blossom’s face and realized how much help she needed, they picked her up and rushed her to a vet to get the testing and assistance she needed. From there she was sent to her forever home with Gretchen.

Even though she was now rescued and being taken care of she still had a long way to go. Diagnosed with Kennel Cough, a respiratory infection, ear infections and multiple wounds there was still no explanation to why she was bald. There are any number of reasons down to it could be part of her mix of breeding.

She might be a mix many things from Chihuahua, Maltese, Terrier or even a hairless breed.

Blossom has now been with her new family for over a month. While she is still bald they think it might be allergy related and are waiting to see if that changes over time. She is still adjusting but we think it’s safe to say this young lady has a very bright future ahead of her.



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