Meet Coco, A 6-Year-Old Japanese Fashion Sensation Who Dresses Better Than You

Fashion might not be the most important thing for 6-year-olds, but Coco from Japan is different. Growing up in a family that owns a vintage store in Tokyo has influenced her greatly, and she has become an Instagram sensation with over 280,000 followers.

The girl was born in Fukushima, but after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011, her family relocated to Tokyo. Her parents opened a vintage store in Harajuku, probably the most eccentric district in the city. It became Coco’s natural environment, and, according to her mother, Misato, the girl started taking an interest in shopping and fashion around the age of 3.

Her ensembles range from a puffer jacket thrown over a white button-up to a “Ikea”-emblazoned bag and Nike dad hat. For a further introduction, watch Coco’s video below and scroll through her unforgettable pics, voting for your favorite ones.

6-year-old Fashion Icon Coco

6-year-old Fashion Icon Coco

I wonder if the wee girl is choosing the clothes and accessories herself, or if mom is “assisting” and posting to Instagram. Not criticizing here…I mean, I manage my corgi’s instagram account..;)

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