Genius Way To Stop A Baby From Crying

Any parent who has been with their child since birth knows that babies cry, A LOT. Many people describe this noise as one of the worst sounds in the world, and for good reason. It is a sound that is almost impossible to ignore.

The fact that this noise is so alarming is actually totally intentional. Since babies are entirely incapable of providing for themselves, they must get an adult to do absolutely everything for them. Whenever anything is wrong, all the baby can do to get help is to cry.

This sound is designed to get the parents’ attention, especially that of the mother. Both mothers and babies have systems inside of them that make it impossible for the mom to sleep through the sound of her child crying. Of course, this is a good thing from a survival point of view, but its real-world application can be dreadful.

The endless goal of a new parent is to get his or her baby to stop crying. Some people believe it would take a miracle for this to happen, but fortunately for the parents of the world, this is not the case. One doctor has devised a nearly foolproof way to get babies to stop crying. What’s even more unbelievable is that this technique works almost instantly.

Dr. Robert Hamilton is based in Santa Monica, California, and he works with babies daily. As he tends to them, many of his procedures cause the confused children to cry. Wanting to be free of this dreadful sound – and needing the babies to calm down so he could complete his work – the doctor devised a method to stop baby cries in their tracks.

“When I examine the child in the hospital or here in my office I frequently make them cry,” Dr. Hamilton explained. “Over the years I’ve been able to really perfect this method of holding them, and it works well.”

First, he picks the baby up and folds his arms into his body. The doctor tucks first the right arm, then the left, over the baby’s chest. He then places one hand in this area to keep the arms crossed.

Next Dr. Hamilton tilts the baby forward, holding him at a 45-degree angle facing the floor. Much to parents’ surprise, the baby stops crying almost instantly. Is this magic? Many believe it is.

There is actually a scientific explanation for why this method works so well. The position of the arms is reminiscent of the child’s time in the womb. The baby was folded up inside his mother’s belly before birth, so this folding technique helps him to feel safe and enclosed.

The doctor rocks the baby gently forward and backward. It also works to stir the baby in a circle – it doesn’t matter which way. Dr. Hamilton believes that in the child’s mind this mimics the sensation of floating. Physically, the baby is able to re-enter a familiar situation, which provides him an immense amount of comfort.

The 45 degree angle is important as well. Babies spend a great deal of time laying on their backs, so they are accustomed to seeing the world from a certain perspective. Tilting them forward toward the floor changes everything.

The baby is now able to observe the world in a whole new way. “It’s almost as though the baby is going, ‘Oh, hello world. This is new. I like it,” observes one of the hosts of the Science Channel.

This combination of familiarity and newness is just like magic. The baby is physically comforted by the position, but intellectually stimulated by the shift in perspective. This new set of sensory information overwhelms the baby’s urge to cry, putting the noise to a stop right then and there.

Many parents only dream of the moment when their baby will finally stop crying. Thanks to Dr. Hamilton, this time can come much more quickly and more often than parents had previously hoped. His technique will spare countless parents headaches and agony.


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