25 Fascinating Places That Most People Will Never Get To See

While the world can feel small at times, it contains an endless number of amazing wonders for travelers to explore. However, there are some places on this planet that even the most intrepid explorers will never get a chance to visit. They’re not necessarily difficult to access—they’re just off-limits.

From seemingly unknown islands to top-secret government facilities, these 25 places might be totally cool, but they are also totally forbidden to tourists. Check out just what you’re missing…

1. North Sentinel Island, India: The indigenous tribe of North Sentinel Island does not take kindly to visitors. It doesn’t matter if you come in peace; they will rain down arrows upon you. That’s why India has forbidden visitors from going to visit.

2. Lascaux Caves, France: The 20,000-year-old cave paintings located in the south of France were being damaged by the carbon dioxide exhaled by tourists. To preserve the paintings, the government has closed off the site to visitors.

3. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan: Only Shinto priests and priestesses to the royal family of Japan are ever allowed in this sacred temple. It’s also torn down and rebuilt every 20 years in keeping with the Shinto philosophy.

4. Club 33, Disneyland: If you can afford to pay $20,000 as an initiation fee and $10,000 annually in dues, then you might be able to nab a seat at one of the most exclusive supper clubs in the entire world.


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