£100 to brides that show up on time

A vicar tired of holding up at the sacred place is putting forth ladies £100 to get to their weddings on time.

Group John Corbyn is giving ladies a 10-minute window to get to Holy Cross Church in Bearsted, Kent, and St Mary’s Church in Thurnham.

The issue is, he says, that delay for weddings influences many individuals other than himself.

The choir, organist, vergers and chime ringers all have lives outside the congregation and frequently they don’t get a statement of regret for being late.

He told the Kent Messenger: ‘I needed to demonstrate that I was considering my staff important in light of the fact that they weren’t doing it for the cash. I thought this is the best approach to do it.’

He said that not all ladies are late, but rather some take it too far.

He stated: ‘When you’re discussing a lady of the hour being 20 minutes late that is a fraction of the season of the wedding service.

‘You can talk of up to two dozen individuals sitting tight for that time. How might they respond on the off chance that I were 20 minutes late?’

Talking about his involvement in Kampala, Uganda, where he got the thought, he stated: ‘They do weddings on the hour consistently and even complete a few weddings in the meantime.

‘Ideally it has had the coveted effect yet it was extremely more about demonstrating that I was considering my staff important and as an outflow of my worry.’


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